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"Bouncy Thing was the
hit of our son's recent birthday bash. The kids just loved it"

G. LeSage -


We had a "Bouncy Thing" for a recent party we had at our home and it was GREAT! The kids had a blast!....which also meant the adults could have a little more time
socializing. It was completely hassle free! Money well spent!! Thank you....and see you next time!! ;-)"

S. Holmes

Inflatable bounce houses are safe – here’s why
The Bouncee Thing inflatable bounce houses are designed with children’s safety as the No. 1 priority. Our bounce house safety standards: 

  • Cleaned and disinfected after each use
  • Contains a safety step to prevent falling while entering or exiting
  • Contains small opening entrance to prevent children from falling out while making it easy to exit if the bounce house deflates
  • Contains net windows to allow adults to closely supervise children
  • All bounce houses are tied down or anchored

Bounce house rules on sticky, ‘Silly,’ and pets 

  • Absolutely no “Silly String,” gum, candy, food or other sticky substances are allowed in our bounce houses. A $50 fee is automatically charged if cleaning is required upon pickup.
  • No pets are allowed inside the bounce house.
  • All riders must remove their shoes before entering the bounce house. 

Operators help keep the bounce house safe and fun 

  • Operators should assist riders when they enter and exit the bounce house.
  • Operators should position near the entrance of the bounce house.
  • Operators should be watching riders and in control at all times that the bounce house is in use.
  • Operators should stop any roughhousing, horseplay, flips or backflips.
  • Operators should prevent riders from climbing on the nets.
  • Any rider that does not obey bounce house rules after being warned will be asked to exit the ride (operators are in control of the bounce house and removing someone who is not following the rules is important for the safety of all riders).
  • Operator must strictly enforce the rules posted on the bounce house warning sign.

Compatible age groups/maximum numbers 

  • Only compatible age groups and size shall play in the bounce house at the same time. What are the maximum number of people of each group that can play at the same time?
    • 13 X 13 bounce house: children age 8 and under (5-8 people), children 8-12 (4-6), older teens/adults (3-4), adults (3)
    • 15 X 15 bounce house: children age 8 and under (7-9 people), children 8-12 (5-7), older teens/adults (4-6), adults (5)

What if the bounce house becomes damaged? 

  • If the bounce house becomes punctured or begins to lose air, assist all riders from the unit and deflate the bounce house.
  • Do not attempt to continue to operate the bounce house after damage and contact The Bouncee Thing immediately at 419-779-4940.

If you have any other safety questions, just ask us at 419-779-4940.




















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